The Bulgarians have a very nice proverb that still rings true today: "He who studies is he who will succeed." In our dynamic world education is a wealth that no-one can steal from us and that we can bring with…
Modern education creates complete, thinking personalities ready for the world of tomorrow
Milena Stoycheva is an executive in the field of economic, business, entrepreneurship, education, and human capital development for youth enterprises and research organizations, as well a professional with a track record in working for academia-business partnership, NGO development and fundraising…
How to give only the best to your children
The good quality education in Bulgaria gives great results
Private education in Bulgaria is good, modern and gives amazing chances for career
Prepare your children for school with courses which will enrich their knowledge and skills
Children become cleverer, more able and happier when combining study and vacation
Bulgaria has abundance of quality schools from first grade to university
Private education in Bulgaria gives you a rich selection of opportunities
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