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Private education in Bulgaria gives you a rich selection of opportunities

Education– endless daily boredom or an opportunity to express yourself? If you prefer the second possibility for your children, look for the appropriate school or university among the private education sector in Bulgaria. Besides the obligatory programmes of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, private schools are free to add various elements to the process which turn education into an exciting and precious experience. Teachers and staff are more flexible to the individual needs of the student and give more time to everyone, since classes are smaller. Often the conditions are much better than those of state institutions, while graduates have advantages such as additional languages or in-depth knowledge of certain subjects.

In order to give your child good language training, choose the American-English Academy where all the subjects are taught in English. The private school has students from kindergarten to 12th grade, with more than 1000 students from over 40 nationalities having studied in the school throughout the years. Bulgarian children in pre-school age and first grade are also trained on the programme approved by the Ministry of Education and receive double diploma. The new building of the school will be opened in September 2014 and is designed by the principles of sustainable development with its own concert hall, green roof with spacious roof gardens and study areas in the open air.

Studying foreign languages is a priority for the Bulgarian private schools, which achieve excellent results by working with qualified foreign teachers. ESPA School, one of the best in its field, works in cooperation with one of the most prestigious education institutions in Britain– Cambridge Education Group. Each year during the spring holidays ESPA holds a two-week language course by the programme of English in Action. The additional 30 hours a week with teachers from Britain help the children cover successfully the language level of C1 Expert. The course includes interactive and entertaining methods,games and project work, giving students a chance to develop their communicative language skills.

One of the regular complaints against Bulgarian state schools is the overwhelmingly theoretical direction of the classes. In Svetlina private grade school this problem does not exist. Teachers often take classes out of the classroom– in the park, at the ecofarm, on the stadium, in the gallery or the shop, where students get visual lessons. At Svetlinal a lot of attention is paid to sport and arts practiced by the children, and reading in Bulgarian and English is encouraged and supported by teachers, writers and poets.

If you are looking for practical education in business and marketing at a university level, MT&M College will give you the latest achievements in the fields in learning forms suitable for you. The higher education school offers modern learning in entrepreneurship and marketing in bachelor degrees, as well as three master degrees taught together with Bulgarian and foreign universities. The regular form is suitable for students coming straight from high school, while the part-time and alternative part-time learning are ideal for professionals who want to expand their qualification in out-of-office hours.

Graduates of the college work in excellent positions in companies in Europe, Japan, the United States and Bulgaria.
Early specialised training is key for certain professions– this is also present in the mission of private math high school and grade school Pythagoras. Intensive study of English language adds to the mathematical profile of the students and prepares them for successful entry into elite colleges and universities. Teachers are selected through strict criteria, and high school graduates show excellent SAT and TOEFL scores. The many extracurricular activities such as camps, green schools
and various subject classes develop the students' interests and prepare them for national and international competitions.

Whenever you need reliable consultancy in the area of education, trust Didacta Consult. The company organises various forms of education, publishes textbooks, develops educational software and presentations, study documentation, helps in planning educational initiatives, licensing of educational institutions, international exchanges and workshops or conferences. Together with social and educational association SEPIKE, DidactaConsult offers opportunities for completing studies at Western European universities, as well as work and specialisation in Germany.

Education to international standards is part of the mission of the Anglo-American School of Sofia, founded in 1967. Most of the teachers come from English-speaking countries and provide extensive curriculum similar to the American high schools with two more foreign languages. The aim of the school is to prepare the students for the International Baccalaureate, recognized by universities and colleges around the world for its rigorous and in-depth training in critical thinking and understanding. Students are accepted from nursery through the 12th grade and study at the spacious campus in the Pancharevo region with modern labs, theatre hall, tennis courts and fully-equipped library at their disposal.

Sometimes private education is a field for experimental learning methods that do not necessarily produce the best results. But at Lotos School the stress is on tradition– a team of highly qualified teachers support the Bulgarian Revival principles of rigorous and wide-ranging education. The atmosphere of Lotos is channeled towards development of practical skills, creativity and artistry in pupils, and subjects learned include Eastern languages, etiquette and communication, martial arts. The school cooperates actively with parents in its effort to supply children with quality education and excellent environment for self-improvement.

The St Sofia private school has pupils aged 6 to 13, and it stresses on the emotional development of the children as well as the academic. To that purpose, a lot of sports are on the offer– football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and chess– and arts are part of the curriculum too, with drawing, music, theatre and dancing available to choose from. The basic subjects such as Bulgarian, English and maths correspond to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the students enjoy the help of qualified teachers when preparing to continue their education at high school.

The difference in foreign language training can be enormous depending on the method. Conventional means are not necessarily the best– if they don't work for you, try a school with original and flexible methods such as Maestro Scuola. The Swiss school uses Frick's method which creates swift speaking habits through audiovisual learning. Courses are taught by two teachers, one of whom is a native speaker, and the results will surprise you.

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