Interview with Angelina Ivanova, Managing Partner of Heat Development Solutions
Dr Manol Ivchev is one of the leading specialists in dental medicine in Bulgaria, whose dental atelier offers holistic treatment of the most severe cases in patients with not only aesthetic, but also functional problems, to whom speaking, chewing, breathing…
Comfort, safety and beauty: these are the leading principles of Mellia Group, which have been making the company a leader in construction on the southern Black Sea coast for more than 10 years and mirrors the beliefs of developer Todor…
Top quality, modern technologies, excellent specialists: regardless of whether you visit Medical Dent for prophylaxis and caries treatment, or to have facets or implants, you will inevitably enjoy individual approach and high professionalism. The fact that implants here come with…
Dr Ivan Gerov, specialist in orthopaedy and traumatology, on secrets of beneficial sport, the principles of reconstructive surgery and the key to healthy lifestyle
The office of Dr Stoyan Marinov is a place where you get modern dental care with a priority on aesthetic and prosthetic dentistry, treatment of teeth and jaw deformities, maxillofacial surgery, and pain-free treatment of children and adults. This year,…
We aim to give the client optimal usefulness through optimisations, new products and offers for the best solutions in implementation
Getting lost in a problem that troubles you and your business can often make you feel powerless to deal with the situation. In such cases, the help of a professional like Teodora Angelova, ASC (IAPCM), is essential. She is head…
Fashion or elegance? This has never been a real question for FLEXFORM, the Italian company for sofas and soft furniture.
Individual solutions often are based on already established systems, whose effectiveness has been tested over the years.
For most of people, Bulgarians included, summer tourism defines the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, and industrial agriculture – Eastern Bulgaria. But this part of the region is more. It is an excellent place for vinegrowing and wine-making. Tellingly, about 1/3 of…
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