Bulgarian wines are enjoying a revival, and the artisanal vintages by the members of the Bulgarian Association of Independent Winegrowers, or BAIW, are something that every connoisseur should try.
In the heart of Sofia, in the prestigious TZUM shopping centre, both children and adults will discover the home of the world's most famous teddy bear, the one that inspired Winnie-the-Pooh and became a friend to generations of children. The…
The artistically eclectic interior, the cosiness and the atmosphere of long gone times make Shtastliveca the most decadent restaurant in the city.
Healthy hair and modern, elegant hairstyle have always played a crucial role in defining the woman's confidence and the way other people perceive us. When you want only the best for your hair and hairstyle, you will find in at…
Do you love jazz, good wine and Italian cuisine, and after dinner, a glass of rum and an aromatic Cuban cigar? If the answer is yes, then Morino Urban Wine & Dine is your place.
Olives City Hotel is a 4-star business hotel dedicated to give the best to our guests
We are all aware of children's amazing ability to learn languages. But how to make use of this? Helen Doron English is a global educational group that has been successfully working for more than 30 years, attracting over 2 million…
True American burgers arrived in Bulgaria a few years ago and now have their own following and their own stars. Introducing the Skapto family – a burger joint and a bar that have become a must for anyone craving not…
Dr Mariela Hitova is one of Bulgaria's most renowned dermatologists. She is the member of a number of prestigious scientific societies, a trainer for GUNA collagen and ALMA laser systems, a consulting dermatologist for Vip Brother, a referee physician for…
Enjoy your stay in Sofia from the best part of the capital: Dragalevtsi neighbourhood with its tranquility, vistas to the city and fresh air.
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