For more than 15 years, restaurant Taj Mahal and its chef Chandra Kandel and his helpers Bishnu Kandel and Kuldeep share their journey through some of the most savoury and spirited Indian culture. 
Over 380 participants from 25 countries present this year's best offers for travel and relaxation
Bulgaria is the only country in the world when 14 February is not only St Valentine's Day. For centuries Bulgarians have celebrated on the same day something else, but that is strongly associated with the intoxication of love: wine and…
Audiobooks are a staple in the West: they are indispensable when one is stuck in a traffic jam or cannot read for some reason. Now, Storytel aims to turn audiobooks into a part of life in Bulgaria as well.
If the love of your life is a total ski bum, they will fall in love with you again at PREMIER Luxury Mountain Resort. PREMIER has created the perfect package to celebrate your love with a romantic escape at the…
The tilted tower of Ellipse Center is a distinctive class A business building. It is 50 m high, it has a mirrored façade, high energy efficiency and extensive greenery. It is redesigned primarily for tenants in the IT and outsourcing…
Once giving socks as presents was frowned upon. Today it is the opposite! When the socks in question are Happy Socks the only thing we can say to the ones giving them is: "Bravo! I want one pair more!".
The holiday outfit and the holiday gifts do not tolerate any compromises, just like the white shirts of natual materials and cuts by the young brand NAGGA.
NOBLIE is a registered trade mark for exclusive collectibles. It offers to the discerning art lover selected group of objects and crafts that serve as symbols of strength and valour.
When your life and your happiness are a project you are constantly working on, you and your family deserve a home in a luxury gated development. Because you value your peace of mind, comfort and extras.
Andy and Aya Academy was established in 2017. It is a place where children develop their potential, get inspired, learn through experience and play, acquire confidence. Our philosophy relies on the understanding that each child is a universe. That is…
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Over 500 representatives of the Bulgarian NGO sector, entrepreneurs and diplomats attended the annual meeting of the America for Bulgaria Foundation with its grantees in Sofia, on 30 January. Everyday...

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Investor Claude Tabet on how Ellipse Center transforms both the cityscape and the way we work, combining business and relaxation  

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