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Prof. Plamen Kinov Prof. Plamen Kinov

Experience and quality: since its establishment in 1946, the Clinic for Orthopaedy and Traumatology at Queen Johanna University Hospital – ISUL has educated and shaped generations of specialists in this field. In order to achieve this, the clinic not only stands by its traditions, but constantly improves its treatment methods, says its chief, Prof. Plamen Kinov. Prof. Kinov is a national consultant in orthopedy and traumatology. He has specialised at leading clinics in Italy, Germany, Austria and the US, and his professional interests are in the field of degenerative joint diseases, endoprosthesis and serious cases of revision endoprosthesis, minimally invasive surgeries and arthroscopy.

ISUL is a clinic with notable tradition in the field of orthopedy and traumatology. What does this give to its patients?

Thanks to our specialisation we offer services at highest level. We are interested in the novelties in our field and we constantly implement them. During the congress of the European Orthopaedic Association in Vienna this May, for example, we met with leading world specialists and we were introduced to the latest news. Computer technologies, like computer assisted surgery and robotisation of some interventions are making progress. There is as well an upcoming revolution in the biological methods for reconstruction of bone and cartilage tissues.

Endoprosthesis is becoming increasingly common. How do the professionals at ISUL guarantee the patient's trouble-free surgery and recovery?

The wearing of joints due to degenerative changes or fracturing is a socially significant disease that affects 1 in 10 adults. Endoprosthesis is the most common surgery in the world, with about 2 million prostheses of hip and knee joints implanted annually. The surgery gives the patient a chance to lead a normal life without restrictions.

Endoprosthesis is one of the most serious surgeries and have certain risks of infections and thromboembolism. We take extreme care to bring these to a minimum. The surgery's success depends not only on the well trained surgeon, but also on the patient who should be motivated to achieve an excellent result, should be informed about the nature of the treatment and how will it proceed, and should follow the physician's instructions, including in post-surgery period when he has to do wholesome rehabilitation under the control of the treating orthopedist, surgeon and kinesiotherapist or physiotherapist.

In our practice we as well implement a part of the methods of the so-called fast track surgery, which give an opportunity for quick post-surgery rehabilitation and recovery. In some leading centres, endoprosthesis already can be a one-day procedure.

Prof Plamen KinovYou say that orthopedy is the most mathematical medical field. What qualities are needed from the good orthopaedist?

I have been interested in engineering since an early age, so when I chose medicine, I decided to specialise in its most technical field, orthopedy. In orthopedy, biomechanics plays a crucial role, because our goal is to restore the body's normal kinematics and to ensure the trouble-free movement of the patient and the functioning of the affected joints and extremities. The specialist orthopedist should have spatial thinking, in order to be able to imagine the healthy organism and its function, reproducing it in the surgery theatre. But first and foremost the good orthopedist should be a person who understands the patients and feels their needs.

University Hospital for Active Treatment Queen Johanna – ISUL, Clinic for Orthopedy and Traumatology
Sofia, 8 Byalo More St
Private practice: Sofia, 25 Byalo More St

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