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Todor Todorov Todor Todorov

Todor Todorov, partner at Develor Bulgaria, on the importance of common efforts and personal happiness in professional life

Todor Todorov is not your ordinary consultant. He rarely wears suit and tie, is not addicted to his computer and travels a lot with his family (three kids and a dog) and a camper. Every year, he takes a sport challenge: a triathlon, ultra-marathons, or something else. Todor Todorov is also an established consultant who has been in the business from the late 1990s. At the moment, he is interested in the implementation of employee engagement and customer experience solutions of Develor: a topic that is still new in Bulgaria. During his years of experience, he has worked with companies in the finance, retail, telecom, heavy industry, pharmaceutical sectors.

How Develor changes the attitudes, behaviour and routine in a way that positively reflects the business result?

Develor is not able to do that alone. It is a result of the common efforts of the program participants, their direct managers, company management, and Develor's consultant. That’s the proper order. Any other claim is stupid. We have world class know how and we are able to create the right mix of efforts and responsibilities, learning initiatives, help with managing change, aligning of internal processes in order to achieve desired change.

What is the biggest advantage of the methods applied by Develor?

The most important one is the mindset of our consultants and trainers. We think about our partners' problem, or challenge first, and then we make sure we understand it from their perspective. Then we step back and think what should be done to achieve the expected results. Only afterwards we are ready to discuss with the partner the best solution and what should be Develor's part in it in order to provide real value for them.

What are the most popular Develor services in Bulgaria?

My personal favourites are Customer Experience (CE) and Employee Engagement (EE) solutions. There is one simple reason - these represent our value proposition in fullest. The last few years we have been continuously studying the impact of CX and EE upon any particular business.

Regarding CX – we map the most crucial points in the customer journey. We concentrate on the human touch – the emotional impact of personal interactions with customers. We design the expected behaviours in various situations throughout the journey and only then we do what we are best in – we train people to be able to perform these behaviours, develop management activities for support, align processes, define KPI’s and so on. In one sentence – we have the full package.

The EE solution is similar as logic. Just the steps and the details are different. We design the "Governance Model" and the "Employee Engagement Maintenance System," introduce the Key Drivers to sustainability and develop the LEAN© Employee Engagement application support tools, processes and systems. Then we train and so on…

Some of your programs are targeted not only to the professional, but also to the personal development. Why did you choose this approach?

We do not live to work, don't we? No one dreams about a 15-hour working day. We dream about travel, sport challenges, hobby time, family and kids time, social engagement, etc. At least, I dream about these and I make efforts to achieve them. What I could do to share success and create value for others is to deliver any program, any self-knowledge, through which I can help others to better understand how to be more effective and how to have more dreams and achieve their goals. I enjoy that part of my work a lot.



Classical training companies offer a wide portfolio of training topics and have established business processes for creation and development of good trainers. Classical consulting companies offer knowledge and understanding of the systems and processes that the business can implement to achieve its goals.

Develor is a company offering solutions that also cover "the middle ground" – how employees and managers in a company can be developed to apply strategic changes and how the processes in the company can be adapted to support the new knowledge and skills, acquired during the trainings.

Specific know-how for companies in Central and Eastern Europe

The development of this particular know-how and capacity is actually an answer to the needs of the business in Central and Eastern Europe. Here companies, due to the specificity of current history, need a very specific set of services. The big ones need help in implementation in the whole organisation of new processes and systems, received during their work with international consultancy companies. Smaller companies need individual training solutions, not the standard topics and approach.

Develor, as any big training company and consultancy company, has a lot of solutions in its portfolio: more than 100 training topics, over 1,000 training modules, etc. Two things make Develor truly different. One is understanding of how people development and learning are connected and helping business problems or challenges to be solved.

Second is our
Develor expertise and holistic solutions
in the areas of employee engagement and customer experience. For years we are investing and now able to offer a truly holistic and complete solution, guaranteeing a positive business effect for our partners. We cover those topics from surveys and benchmark on the practices in the industries with which we work, to formulating a strategy and design of processes for development of the employees to support the goals of the company.

The power of regionality and adaptability
Develor offers something else that is completely unique and is different from the portfolio itself - regionality. Working in 16 countries in the region as a single company, not a franchise network, we provide the implementation of every single regional project with consistent quality and standards. Simultaneously, from a global point of view, we are still small, which makes us flexible and adaptive for the needs of the clients in the different countries where we operate.

Sofia, 53-55 Boulevard Totleben
phones: +359 897 878 345; +359 888 596 170
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