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Singer Krum after his hair restoration procedure at DHI Singer Krum after his hair restoration procedure at DHI

Beautiful hair is one of the important adornments that Nature has given us – it defines our attractiveness and self-confidence. That is why its loss inevitably leads to psychological problems. Happily, we already have a reliable solution – hair transplanting at DHI Global Medical Group Bulgaria, a clinic with 46 years of experience in hair restoration. In it work qualified dermatologists who achieve 99.97% of satisfaction among clients.

The popular singer Krum trusted the DHI team and is more than eager to share his experience.

How did you decide to have hair transplanted?

For me appearance matters a lot. I insist on looking good and give the maximum of myself to achieve it. About my 25th year, hair loss appeared, on the front of my head I developed the so-called "Mickey-Mouses." The process deepened with time, and I reached a moment when only ultra short hairstyle could hid the problem. This affected my self-confidence and would inevitably affect my work, too. I decided to do something. My profession as a singer was an additional influence on this decision. The saying "People listen with their eyes" is true more than ever.

How did you choose the clinic for the transplantation?

Me and my team did a research, and contacted and visited several clinics. We chose DHI. DHI won my trust at our very first meeting. The approach of the team was different, somehow even from a purely human point of view. Then there is the professionalism and name of Dr Elza Bankovska, who did the hair transplantation procedure. A proven specialist like her cannot fail in winning your attention and trust. The detailed description that the DHI team provided me with on what follows now, so I could have the fullest notion of the procedure, is also very important. People who want to undergo such a procedure have many questions.

 hair transplantation DHI

Krum before the hair transplantation


How did your everyday life change?

The way I see the world changed completely. I believe in myself more. My self-confidence improved. I now can change my hairstyles and my appearance. I look several years younger. I behave more naturally, freely, and I am not constantly thinking on how can I hide my former "problem."

What was your fans' reaction?

I received tons of letters and comments in the social networks and in real life from my fans, friends, and colleagues. The public announcement that I have had hair transplantation at DHI aroused exceptional interest. People were visibly impressed, and there was a downpour of questions and congratulations. It is important to understand that the problem with hair-loss has a solution. There is nothing to be scared of. The difference after the procedure is visible. I recommend it to everyone who needs it.

Have your attitude towards you changed?

I changed in a very positive direction. And not only visually. When one is troubled by something, it causes a complex. This complex leads to inferiority in all other aspects. Well, I solved this problem.

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