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The innovative beauty studio helps you to achieve internal and external harmony

True beauty is not only the result of expensive procedures and luxury cosmetics. It comes from the inside and is sustainable only when it is born from our feel of harmony and relaxation. The professionals at Aventurine Beauty Studio are aware of this. They have created an oasis of tranquility, relaxation and harmony, where you achieve balance with the help of avant-garde technologies for body and facial care, quality cosmetics, massages. The owner, Stela Koleva, shares more about the concept of Aventurine.

You offer complex approach in beauty care. What is its philosophy?

At Aventurine the latest achievements of modern technologies go hand in hand with nature's healing power.

The name Aventurine is inspired by the green stone that since antiquity has been famed for its healing energy. That is why the studio's interior is based on the green colour, on natural wood and materials. The aim is that the cosiness and tranquility created by this ambience will harmonise the energy of the visitor. That it will create a corner of relaxation, isolated from the stress of the city.

Aventurine beauty studio, Sofia

At Aventurine we combine this with the latest, trusted technologies, like the HydraFacial apparatus for effective skin cleansing and detox, and the Venus Legacy apparatus for body weight-loss, firming and detox. We will soon introduce as well the latest diode laser Venus Velosity for laser hair removal, which gives visible results with less procedures. We work with high-class cosmetics and offer spa procedures, detox and aromatic massages with 100 percent natural essential oils and detox procedures with Phytomer with mud from the Mediterranean Sea.

The care of professionals is also important for Aventurine. Our dermatological procedures, such as the fillers, the mesotherapy, the botox, are performed by the qualified physician Dr Eli Koeva. The expert in healthy eating, Dr Rafael Hadzhikyan, prepares individual nutritional plans and makes body bioscanner.

For what women is Aventurine?

Aventurine is a tranquil sanctuary for settled ladies and working modern women above 30 years of age, who insist on relaxation and on their appearance. Our procedures are at reasonable prices, with lots of promotions and gifts. You can follow the latest on our website and Facebook page.

Aventurine beauty studio, Sofia

Recommend us procedures for the spring?

In spring are popular weight-loss and anti-cellulite procedures, like the manual procedures with products of Phytomer and with the Venus Legacy apparatus for extraction of excess water from the body. The circumferences visibly decrease, and more procedures smoothen the cellulite. The other are the nourishing, anti-age and hydrating procedures by Natura Bisse and Phytomer for the facial skin that has been exhausted and dry after the winter. When one does the right things and trusts the quality, she has true results. We, at Aventurine, will help you to achieve this.

Sofia, Darvenitsa, 1 Iliya Dimushev St
phone: 02 427 5350
FB: Авантюрин

Aventurine beauty studio, Sofia


Aventurine beauty studio, Sofia


Aventurine beauty studio, Sofia


Aventurine beauty studio, Sofia



Aventurine beauty studio, Sofia

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