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Arts Fest at the American College Sofia Arts Fest at the American College Sofia

The American College of Sofia was reestablished in 1992. It had been closed for WWII, then the Ministry of the Interior's Academy was housed in its beautiful campus during communism. When, 25 years ago, the college reappeared on the map of a radically different Bulgaria it seemed like a quixotic institution with an uncertain lifespan. Today, this most prestigious high school in the country is celebrating a quarter century of innovation, excellence, and fun. Here are some of the spring events that mark the 25th anniversary of that first school year:

To the faint of heart, every month in Bulgaria could be dubbed Month of Madness. But March could take the cake – and in a good way. Welcome to March Madness at the American College of Sofia! The parade of eight-graders in costume is not to be missed.

Facebook sharing that video of a virtuoso kid that made your morning is nice. A thousand times more fulfilling is a live concert by gifted kids that make your heart tingle.

American College Sofia, March Madness Parade

March Madness Parade


If this is your first time at the ACS Classical Concert, you're in for a treat. If you've been coming regularly, you're just like us – you have found an occasion where joy and sophistication come together, and some great music is played by artists that make us proud. Come for the jazz variations on Mozart or come for Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No.1, whatever lifts your spirit out of the grime of the streets.

The ACS Classical Concert will take place on March 22th in the Concert Hall on campus.

American College Sofia, Classical Concert

Classical concert


The funniest of Bulgarian authors, Chudomir, will be interpreted by ACS students in the Bulgarian Drama Club production of Chudomir's Characters on April 14 in the House of Science and Technology on 108 Rakovski Street.

Nothing is impossible in science, even charm and fun can be achieved. The students' enthusiasm and good cheer are crucial to the applied magic that is the ACS Science Fair. The spectrum of phenomena covered by the exhibits is staggering: optical illusions, artificial limbs, sound and fire, electronics, floatation devices, bath bombs, and of course the electro gizmos of everyone's scorned scientist of choice, the much revived Nikola Tesla.

Come experience the traditional Science Fair On April 20, on the ACS campus. Then, on the following day, come for the international FISSION festival: the student-organized science forum which combines models and experiments with lectures and workshops led by renowned scholars and scientists.

American College Sofia, Science Fair

Science Fair


Also on the 21 of April, at 5 o'clock, the English Drama Club's production of Jonathan Rand's hilarious Check, Please! will rock the house at… uhm, the House of Science and Technology on 108 Rakovski Street.

In May comes the production of the feel-good musical of the (20th) century Singin' in the Rain based on the irresistible movie with Gene Kelly. Bring your brolly: torrents of good vibes will rain on the audience at "Salza i smyah" (Tear and Smile) theatre on May 8, 9 and 10, starting at 7. See the kids on that stage and you'll know the future of entertainment in Bulgaria and beyond.

The spring program of celebrations will culminate in the traditional Arts Fest on the ACS campus on June 9. Arts Fest is a Saturday of fun, arts and crafts in the college's park: an inflatable castle for the children, face painting, sponge throw, chess tournament, BBQ, international food sale, and, of course, horseback riding. All the student clubs present their activities at readings, exhibitions, games and shows, which lead up to the rock and pop and dance performances on the outdoor stage… and the giving out of more than a hundred raffle prizes. So mark your calendar!

American College Sofia, Arts Fest

Arts Fest


Also, on that Saturday, special student projects that celebrate the reopening of the college will be presented to the public – 25 years in 25 photographs, 25 books for the 25th anniversary, 25 exceptional alumni interviewed, you get the idea. Aren't you glad you marked your calendar? We'll see you there.

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