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Dr Branimir Kirilov, Medical Dent manager Dr Branimir Kirilov, Medical Dent manager

Medical Dent became the first clinic in Bulgaria that offers the so-called Digital Floor. The brainchild of Dr Branimir Kirilov, an implantologist, oral surgeon and Medical Dent manager, the innovation offers to the clinic's more than 12,000 patients wide and carefully selected range of digital and robotised apparatuses for precise and safe dental care.

The idea was born after a careful analysis of the latest trends in leading international clinics specialising in implantology and aesthetic dentistry. The world trends are on sparing and minimally invasive intervention and automatisation via digital technologies and robots. This results in more precise work from the dentists and consequently, higher quality of the planning and the treatment, as well as shortened recovery.

Over 450,000 leva were invested for the purchase of ten pieces of cutting edge technology with funding from the EU's Operational Programme Development of the Competitiveness. The technology is by high-tech companies from Germany and Switzerland. Medical Dent's team was trained on how to use it in leading international clinics.

"Dentistry robotisation is making its way into our profession," says Dr Branimir Kirilov, founder of Medical Dent. "This doesn't mean that treatment will lack humanity or that a machine will replace the dentist. On the contrary, apparatuses like the ones we introduced at Medical Dent will ease the work of any good dentist, making it more precise, safe and fast."

Diagnosis and treatment are the main fields in which Medical Dent's Digital Floor will specialise. For example, better planning will lower the risk during implantology treatment. Healing would be faster, with less trauma and post-operative pain. A special programme, for example, makes a 3D recreation of the patient's oral cavity, providing a preliminary idea of the procedure's final result, so the dentist can put the implant on the best place in the bone.

With the help of intraoral scanner a digital print of teeth and implants needing a crown can be made. This significantly increases the precision and the comfort for the patient, and also eases the process of prints' corrections and selection of the colour of the teeth in the zone.

The two cutting machines on the Digital Floor work with materials that are biologically compatible like zirconium and titanium. The precision is much higher in comparison to the conventional method, reducing facets' production and implantation time from weeks to a single day.

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