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Dr Marian Granchev on the principles and innovations at MG Dental Clinic

Constant improvement and aim for better quality treatment have been moving Dr Marian Granchev since the beginning of his private practice in 2006 until today, when he is the head of the clinic he founded in 2011, MG Dental. Dr Granchev constantly updates his qualifications with trainings in the country and abroad, at the moment he is taking a Master course in the UK on treatment of bite problems.

What is the goal of the individual DSD project you offer to your patients?

We offer the DSD, or digital smile design, to patients who need full rehabilitation and complete teeth restoration. In our photography studio are taken professional pictures of the patient. We also use digital radiograph for sector imagery and digitalising scanner for minimal stress on the patient. Using this information, a digital project is prepared. When the patient approves the look of their future smile, the project is sent to a laboratory where temporary teeth are made with 3D-printer and CAD-CAM machine. We then try them on the patient in order to see if everything has been planned well. Then we do corrections, and then we make and implant the final solution. Thanks to new technologies this process, along with others, like implant treatment, has become completely digitalised. Digitalisation is the future of dentistry, and we are working to stay in line with the trend.

What other innovations do you implement?

In surgical procedures we use latest generation of the ultrasound Piezotome apparatus and thrombocyte-enriched plasma from the patient's own blood. This drastically reduces the chance of complications and improves recovery. The patient can go back to their normal life immediately, without swelling and bleeding.

For optimal precision we work with a dental microscope.

Dr Marian Granchev, MG Dental Clinic

What is in the basis of quality treatment?

The dentist's skills and constant improvement are key. No matter how modern a machine is, the physician is the one doing the diagnosis, taking the decisions, planning and following up the treatment. We, at MG Dental Clinic, invest serious resources in the continuing education of our team. We require the same from the laboratory we work with. Otherwise even our greatest efforts and investments would be in vain.

The investment in trainings, technologies and materials defines quality dentistry. That is why good dentistry is not cheap and cheap dentistry is not good.

Sofia, Mladost 1, block 143
phone: +359 (2) 477 46 59; +359 (886) 103 222
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Dr Marian Granchev, MG Dental Clinic


Dr Marian Granchev, MG Dental Clinic


Dr Marian Granchev, MG Dental Clinic


Dr Marian Granchev, MG Dental Clinic

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