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Skiers and snowboarders do not need to suffer for the end of the winter anymore. On 10 May in Sofia opens the first sport centre in Bulgaria for indoor skiing and snowboarding. CARVE gives amateurs an opportunity to learn, train and keep in shape the year round, regardless of the season.

"CARVE is an innovative, one of a kind place for Bulgaria that combines an installation for indoor skiing and snowboarding, a thematic bar and an upcoming shop for ski and snowboard equipment," says co-owner Yordan Daskalov. "We wish and aim for CARVE to become a favourite place for winter sports lovers, providing them with the opportunity to train the year round in an ambiance inspired by the mountain."

The innovative installation is of the "endless slope" type. It is nine meters long, five meters wide, with 14 degrees inclination. The maximum speed is 25 km/h, which is comparable to 60 km/h in the mountain. The run is suitable for beginners and advanced, both children and adults. Here, beginners can easily master the techniques and skiing stand in safe and controlled environment, a prerequisite for more confident and pleasant skiing in the mountain. The installation can help advanced skiers and snowboarders to improve their technique and to keep in shape.

Certified instructors trained to work with "endless slope" installations will take care of the clients. Due to their high intensity and the stress they put on the body, the trainings are structured around the "10 minutes skiing, 10 minutes rest" principle.

CARVE indoor ski center

In May, the training packages for both skiing and snowboarding are at promotional prices. The first 100 guests will receive special gifts and surprises.

Exciting demonstrations and music will be a part of the official opening, at 8pm on 10 May.


Sofia, 52 Kosta Lulchev St

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Facebook: CARVE Indoor Ski, Board & Bar

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