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A woman who takes care of her appearance: this the association that brings the Bulgarian word Kokona. The boutique beauty studio Kokona Premium has hardly chosen this particular word for its name by a chance. It is exactly the place where you should go if you are aware that the care for your appearance is above all manifestation of self-respect.

Kokona Premium was established by Hristina Taskova, a proven specialist with 20-year experience. The studio offers carefully selected range of cosmetic procedures, laser epilation, microblading, microneedling, mesotherapy.

Among the most interesting services offered by Kokona Premium is the Elysion Pro apparatus for latest generation of diode laser epilation. With it you can safely remove unwanted hair even during summer. Elysion Pro works as well even on the most sensitive zones of the face. The effect is visible as early as after the first procedure, and the results are long-lasting. The procedure is pain-free thanks to the special cooling system.

With a professional like Hristina Taskova and in a studio like Kokona Premium beauty care is not anymore a boring duty. It is a real pleasure.

Sofia, 57В Kazbek St
phone: 089 785 5945
FB: Kokona Premium by Hristina Taskova

 Kokona Premium Beauty Studio

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