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Healthy slimming and aesthetic perfection are not only a motto, but also the main principle of work at Body T@lk. The specialists at the studio for healthy body work to provide high self-confidence to their clients who respect and love themselves.

At Body T@lk you will find the latest generation of apparatuses for slimming, firming and sculpting of face and body, and high-class cosmetics for them.

The studio offers LPG apparatuses for in-depth cellulite removal, postpartum skin firming and correction of body imperfections, as well as natural cell stimulation and mechanical face lifting.

Body T@lk has the latest equipment by Slim City for loosing weight with cavitation, RF, vacuum and mesotherapy for body. Cavitation is among the most effective procedures with results even after the first therapy on fat deposits, and mesotherapy effectively fights cellulite and "orange peel" skin.

At Body T@lk you will find as well the latest generation of technology for face firming and sculpting. RF + Biolifting for eye contour stimulates the produce of collagen and improves skin elasticity, resulting in wrinkle elimination. IPL photorejuvenation evens the skin's colour and improves its overall condition. Needle-less mesotherapy is a non-invasive method for more effective absorption of beneficial ingredients by the skin cells. Oxygen mesotherapy eliminates a number of skin imperfections while oxygen therapy saturates in-depth the skin with oxygen.

Body T@lk Studio

The studio also offers cryotherapy, nephrite thermotherapy, diamond microdermabrasion, removal of pigmentation and enlarged blood vessels, acne treatment, photoepilation and many more therapies and procedures specifically selected for you.

Considering your individual needs and desires, Body T@lk will offer you the best procedure for you, and will prepare an individual protocol that the studio's professionals will follow up in order to achieve the results you are after.

At Body T@lk they do not try to convince you that the results you want can be achieved. They let you see for yourself that this is possible!

Welcome at Body T@lk and you will be greeted with a smile, a cup of coffee and a lot of positive energy.

Body T@lk was awarded in the Health and Beauty category of Best Brands Awards 2017!

Sofia, 68 Gorski Patnik St
phone: 0889 937 887
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Body T@lk Studio


Body T@lk Studio

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