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Coupage Bulgarian Gourmet Products presents this country's most popular red vingages

Mavrud is Bulgaria's best known vintage internationally and, according to historians, has existed for more than 2000 years. Mavrud wine has a characteristic dark red colour, strong tanins and aromas of forest berries. Ages well. The vintage is common for the Thracian Valley, but is also grown in the Pomorie region and around Ruse.

Coupage recommends:

  • Rumelia Mavrud Reserve 2014: Number 1 for 2017
  • Zagreus Vinica Mavrud 2013: Wine Number 1 for 2016
  • Dragomir Sarva Mavrud 2013
  • Bendida Mavrud Single Barrel 2015


Rubin is a hybrid vintage created in the mid-20th century of Syrah and Nebbiolo. It has impenetrable dark ruby colour, hence its name. The vintage is used for the production of quality red wines with potential for ageing. It has characteristic aromas of forest berries, cherry, sour cherry. If it has matured in oak barrels, chocolate notes can be also present. In the past Rubin was common for southern Bulgaria, but today is wide-spread throughout the country.

Coupage recommends:

  • Dragomir Rubin Reserve 2012: Wine Number 1 for 2015
  • EM Elenovo Rubin 2012
  • Bendida Rubin Single Barrel 2015

Coupage Gourmet Products wines

Gamza is the wine of Bulgaria's Northwest. It is a regional variety and is also grown in Central and Eastern Europe. You can also meet it under the name of Kadarka. Aromas of forest berries, raspberry, cherry and plum (plum marmalade) are typical for the vintage. The wine matures well in oak, but often of Gamza grapes are made fresh wines with light body that are best slightly chilled.

Coupage recommends:

  • Borovitsa Gamza Black Pack 2013
  • Novoselska Gamza Reserve 2016

 Coupage Gourmet Products wines

Melnik 55 is the star of Bulgaria's Southwest and is also known as Early Melnik Grape. It is a hybrid, created in the 1960s from Wide Melnik Grape and Durif, Jurasson and Valdiguié. It stands out with its intensive ruby colour and the aromas of red berries (mainly strawberry and cherry). Ageing in oak brings in additional hints of vanilla and tobacco. The vintage is good for ageing.

Coupage recommends:

  • Melvino Melnik 55 Reserve 2013
  • Villa Melnik Aplauz Melnik 55 2015
  • Orbelus Melnik 2013
  • Libera Estate Melnik 55 2017

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