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Krum Hadjigeorgiev, CEO of Melon Krum Hadjigeorgiev, CEO of Melon

Melon is a software development outsourcing company based in Bulgaria. It has more than 15 years of experience, and besides two development offices in the country, in Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo, has also another one in Skopje, Macedonia. Currently Melon's team consists of more than 160 highly qualified professionals including web and mobile developers, UX/UI and graphic designers, quality assurance, system support and devops engineers. Melon is particularly good at building teams that closely match its clients' needed technological skillset and experience. The company's CEO, Krum Hadjigeorgiev, elaborates.

What are the latest trends and challenges in the software industry and how do you meet them?

The global trends are the usual suspects, commonly described with buzzwords: disruption, digital transformation, data privacy, AI, cyber security, big data, etc. Yes, most of them apply to our local software industry, but still our primary challenges differ and relate to our place in the global ecosystem – a fast-growing, yet tiny part of the international software community.

Bulgarian companies are either investing their talent and resources in products that they sell mainly abroad, or like Melon – in software development services for global partners. But in essence, the key challenges to us all are the same and are hardly new – we need more and better qualified developers, as well as more critical non-technical management people in marketing, business development & sales, finance, R&D and HR.

As part of the Bulgarian software community, Melon systematically works together with the rest of the ecosystem to promote, build and nurture more talent, to share knowledge and best practices and to create great examples for the rest to get engaged and build upon.

What should a company be aware of when choosing a software outsourcing partner?

The right fit is key and it's not always quantifiable. Look for a goal driven technological partner with a good reputation and sustainable, organic growth, one that has open, people-first attitude and a long-term approach.
For a smooth delivery and a steady service, pick a vendor that offers end-to-end software solutions. This means entrusting all the stages – planning, design, implementation, stabilization, release and maintenance – to one technological partner. Thus you avoid managing multiple front lines and your communication process is optimized. When all the work is done under one roof, any issue has a greater chance to get resolved timely and easily.

That allows for certain scalability.

Finally, clients should be aware that it takes two to tango. Software companies need to provide their engineers with the opportunity to develop their skills, and find meaning and value in what they build. Smart and curious developers can quickly move on, looking for challenges and inspiring leaders to learn from.

Who are Melon's clients and what value do you provide to them?

We've worked with digital and software agencies, enterprises, and start-ups on large and small projects. Our clients are mainly from West and Northern Europe, the UK and the USA. Very rarely from Bulgaria. Recently, 65% are Europeans and 35% Americans.

The added value we provide them is our substantiated IT consultancy – we grasp the meaning behind the requirements handed to us, apply our proven processes and then deliver a working piece of software within the set frame. Or better. Our clients also have the comfort of working with an ISO certified company, as well as a Microsoft Gold Partner.

We have evolved to take at heart the goals of our partners and our teams become an extension to theirs. They are still in full management control over tasks and priorities, while we, as a tech partner, facilitate the process and support the developers involved.

What are your competitive advantages over similar companies?

First, it's our technological diversity – across web, mobile and desktop, and across most top development platforms. We also have in-house quality assurance, system support and devops engineers, as well as UX/UI and graphic designers. And secondly, the accrued and assorted proficiency during the last 15+ years has made us a sought-after and proven consulting partner. We've received multiple awards for our work, including Software Development Company of the Year by Forbes.

The type and size of our software development project history is no less diverse. Our teams were included at all possible points of a project: from end-to-end development to fixing a mess in the critical final stages of a project.

Thanks to the amassed experience and know-how, we are now able to pick the right developers, teams and approach for any kind of application development project.

Lastly, our attitude comes as a surprise to some. We've been called "brutally honest," because transparency and upfront communication are a core value for us. Also, we are very flexible and always choose developing a long-term relationship over a short-term one.

How do you see Melon in 5 years?

Unless the world falls apart and another major economic downturn pushes everyone to operate in survival mode, we will double in size, offering professional software development services to clients in the EU and the USA. We will be a better employer, providing the opportunity to more people to grow and be part of global disruptors, amazing projects and great international teams. Enjoying the journey, we will do our best to never stray from our values: being smart, being nice and make things happen.

Head Offic Sofia
Sofia, 20 Kosta Lulchev St, floor 3
phone: +359 2 964 1780

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