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Nassim Bekkat Innovations Manager at mishmash io Nassim Bekkat Innovations Manager at mishmash io

Big data real-time analysis is something that any company can benefit from, but as this innovation still requires significant investment and knowledge, few firms are able to make the most of it. Here comes mismash io, a company dedicated to the mission of bringing real-time predictive analytics and all of its advantages to the masses. Paris-born Nassim Bekkat is the company's Innovations Manager.

What inspired you to move from Paris to Sofia?

Paris is a great place, a lot of things happen there. But the routine in your job is so much that it easily fills all of your time – you have to focus on the routine just to keep things going. In Sofia, on the other hand, there's so much potential to grow and explore that you can very often afford to ignore the routine and focus on more challenging problems. For me this is better – I like to innovate, to find solutions to problems companies experience for the first time. With respect to this, 'digital' and 'Sofia' go hand in hand.

What are your impressions on the Bulgarian software industry?

It is great. Talents are top-notch, business is expanding and I see more and more companies looking for ways to switch from the tried-and-tested outsourcing model to products, cloud, or models where you'll have reproducible sales that scale well. I see a growing outsourcing fatigue within the developer community, too, as they are brilliant minds who got bored of solving technologically trivial problems for somebody half a world away.

They now want to work where they can actually innovate.

History of IT, if there is such a thing, teaches us that when you put together a business drive towards innovation and an eager tech community great things happen. So, even though Bulgarian software industry is already very good, the best is yet to come.

What innovations does mishmash io offer?

mishmash io develops a Big Data platform for large-scale complex computations like machine learning and predictive analytics. We focus especially on real-time predictive analytics.

If you think about the traditional Business Intelligence approach, you usually have analysts using various dashboards and other software to analyse company data and come up with insights. Then they will produce reports and present them on management meeting say at the end of the quarter. Which is, by today's standards, long after the customers left. On the other hand more and more companies already invested a lot in digital and mobile strategies. Now they have a 24/7 contact with their customers, so they want analytics to be there 24/7, as people are browsing a web shop, watching video, reading news and so on. With the latest advances in data science and machine learning the obvious thing to do is to put it to work in front of your customers and not wait for the next management meeting.

Look at Google, Facebook, Amazon. They basically 'teach' their computers to do business. That's the power of real-time analytics and we all know that's the future. Problem is, most companies are not Google, Facebook or Amazon and they don't have the necessary skills and know-how. That's where mishmash io comes in – with our platform and tools companies can use existing skills and resources to get on the real-time track.

Sofia, 30 Yanko Sakazov Blvd.
phone: +359 887 434 834
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