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Georgi Arabadziev and Georgi Georgiev, founders of Giga Automata Georgi Arabadziev and Georgi Georgiev, founders of Giga Automata

Robotisation has become a hot topic in recent years, as we continue to see new ways in which machines can perform dangerous, tedious or time-consuming tasks. Bulgaria is also a part of the trend, with companies like Giga Automata. The firm develops and implements collaborative robots for use in the industry and at home. Founders Georgi Arabadziev and Georgi Georgiev elaborate on what make their robot, Animoto, different.

In what industries can be your robots used? What are their advantages?

Animoto is an anthropomorphic collaborative robot with 6 degrees of freedom of movement. Unlike conventional industrial robots that usually operate in a case, isolated from the operator or with no operator at all, Animoto has an option for collaborative work and managing tasks with an operator. This is possible due to its sensor systems that allow detection of human presence and of other objects in the work area. Animoto doesn't need a special room or a cage, because its work doesn't pose any danger to the operator. It weights under 25 kg so it can be installed on the roof, on a wall, on the floor or on another machine.

Animoto has a wide application in life and industry. Its main purpose is to replace low-qualified labour and repetitive actions. It is particularly good in packaging and palletisation, moving and arrangement, assemblage, fasteners rolling, glueing, dosing, welding, polishing, quality control and many other functions that can be done with the help of 12 additional devices. We can also produce unique manipulators for specific activities according to the client's needs.

Our robots are good even for complex operations that cannot be fully automated and are performed together with the operator. They can also perform tasks that pose risk for the operator, like work with sharp, hot or dangerous details. They can be quickly tuned to perform a different task.

Is a certain level of expertise required from your client company in order to implement and use your robots?

The robot works with an innovative software that allows to be operated by people without specific knowledge of robot technology or programming, or engineering or vocational education. They only need a couple of minutes to decide what the task is and to set Animoto with putting on the special working space the tasks' icons in the order they want them performed. Animoto has 3 levels of work. The first is for tasks that lack a lot of requirements and technical details. The second gives setting tasks in accordance to a particular criteria. The third level allows the operator access to the programming package where he can programme a particular task or can connect the robot with an external device, if the connection was not established automatically. Animoto can be connected to a number of external devices like cranes, cameras, drills, and others.

What is the future of robotics?

The global trend is towards implementation and use of smart devices and machines that can communicate with one another at home and in the industry. This is Industry 4.0, the development of automatisation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, including cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things, Cloud computing. The future development is clear: Industry 5.0, the collaboration between machine and human, meaning between robot and human. Key here is the accessibility of such technologies for the mass consumer. When every producer has access to cheap and easy to operate automatisation then we could see real results and the arrival of Industry 5.0. That is why the creation and development of accessible robots is our focus and goal.

Sofia, 22 Parva Balgarska Armiya Blvd

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