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Tsveti Kyoseva, CEO of Methodia Tsveti Kyoseva, CEO of Methodia

When innovation is concerned, Methodia is in the front lines. The company offers software solutions not only to companies specialised in providing utility services. It also helps brands outside the field to enter this rapidly developing market, and to make the most of it. Tsveti Kyoseva, CEO, tells more.

How big a business should be and in which field should it operate to benefit from the solutions offered by Methodia?

In Methodia, we like to say that there is no business that is too big or too small for our solutions. The platform we develop for clients all over the world is completely scalable, fitting small and mid-size businesses, as well as brands and companies with developed customer base.

Methodia is a leading Business-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, offering customised business solutions for efficient energy and utility management. We focus on developing comprehensive end-to-end utility software and digital products for suppliers of electricity, gas, water or heating. However, businesses in telecommunication and TV services, insurance, facility management and security can also benefit from our solutions. In the past 10 years we gained profound experience in optimisation and automation of business processes for companies based in Europe and the rest of the world. This allows us to successfully consult and help organisations that wish to transform from single or dual fuel retailers into multi-utility providers, for example, or to tangibly improve their existing business processes, becoming more effective in servicing their end customers.

What is the formula that makes you a preferred IT partner in utility industry?

Utility sector changed substantially in the past few years thanks to the progressing global liberalisation of energy markets and the industry's inevitable digitisation. End consumers increasingly ask for accessible, user-friendly information and options for better control over their domestic consumption. To answer this, many companies diversify their portfolio with new, consumer-oriented services. These gradually transform the existing business models and the status quo.

Methodia's mission is to help such companies to adapt to the change in the utility paradigm. We provide a solution that is fully adjustable to the specific context, the particular needs and level of maturity of the client organisation. In our formula, trust is a key factor. Our experience has taught us that when we partner with a particular company, when we analyse its requirements side by side, when we communicate effectively and offer working solutions, then trust is stronger and results are best. We need to add the contribution of our team of experts who cover the full cycle of business processes and activities in a utility company. All these ingredients make Methodia a preferred provider of such specific utility software.

What are the key trends in your field and how do they resonate with your strategy?

We experience an unprecedented digital transformation in the utility industry. It stipulates the search of more suitable strategies and integrated business solutions for providing the business with improved operational efficiency, better finance management and considerably more developed and personalised relations with end consumers. The white-label model is one such example, where popular brands partner with established providers of electricity, gas and water. This provides the companies with an initial momentum in the field, shortening the time for the new brand, product or service launch on the market. It also lowers risk, production costs and generates new incomes and customers, stimulating long-term growth, without shifting the focus from the company's core business. Brands like Sainsbury's in the UK and Lidl in Germany already successfully apply this model to offer utility services to their clients.

On the other hand, Methodia as a provider of specialised software solutions in this field, using that same white-label model, enables non-utility companies to enter this industry, reaching more end customers, with less initial investment, less human resources and valuable time spent.

Consumers inspire a new interesting trend. They are increasingly demanding and well-informed, and they base their decisions on added value and cost control. They tend to break from major utility service provides and form the so called energy co-operatives. We are following the development of the trend in countries such as Germany, France, Spain and Croatia, and we work actively to offer a variety of products related to distributed generation of energy, billing and service to consumers in such co-operatives.

Last, but not least, technological evolution visibly transforms the face of the energy market. The blockchain technology, for example, has the potential to provide infrastructure for complex networks managing payments, sales, trade and energy distribution. Having in mind its ability to rationalise transactions and decrease expenses, blockchain and smart contracts could help solve a number of problems in the energy field. We, at Methodia, consider this trend, too, when we define the future functionalities of our Utility Solutions Suite product, so that it will be completely competitive in the long run.

How do you see Methodia in a couple of years from now?

It is hard to say exactly, as the dynamics of our business is significant and changes are only natural to occur. At the moment we work actively on our international expansion with clients in several European countries, including the UK, Spain, Germany and Italy. Later on we plan to step into most of the liberalised states in the US. Yet, we have always defined ourselves as a company with trail-blazing spirit and innovative thinking, and I strongly believe that our readiness to make the necessary step at the right time will bring great results for Methodia and its team.

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