There is one proven way to enjoy the warm days and evenings more - a glass of white or rosé wine
Summer is a season that awakes the senses, summons us to go out, to meet friends, to enjoy life, to try new things. Summer is a season when going to a restaurant becomes even more pleasant, because of the open…
Authentic traditional food is one of the strongest impressions a country and a culture leave to the visitor. Bulgarian culinary tradition is one of those who quickly win new fans. Created in the span of centuries, while absorbing foreign influences…
No matter how rich and diverse a culinary tradition is, a moment comes when one tires of it and starts dreaming of something different. I have a first-hand experience in this: I have consciously sat in a Chinese restaurant while…
Open your senses for the tastes, aromas and bliss of this ancient and modern drink
From early morning to late in the evening, the Bulgarian capital abounds with places for a delicious meal, a cup of aromatic coffee or a glass of craft beer, and for meeting friends
Find the perfect place to enjoy clean air and great food and drinks
Sofia abounds with restaurants with foreign cuisine
Bulgaria builds up its millennia-old tradition with excellent modern wines
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