TATRATEA is an unique alcohol beverage based on natural extract of tea, mountain herbs and fresh fruits, distilled with pure spring water from the Tatra mountains.

Premier Luxury Mountain Resort in Bansko offers a cozy and elegant winter experience and intriguing holiday packages. If you greet the New 2019 in PREMIER, you will enjoy gourmet gala dinners, exquisite wines from all over the world, gifts, live music and, of course, champagne.

betahaus Sofia is the first coworking space in Bulgaria, one of the largest in the region and part of one of the most successful coworking networks in Europe with branches in Berlin, Barcelona and Hamburg. 

Clean air, elegant atmosphere, relaxation: the guests of the exclusive Murite Club Hotel enjoy those the year round.

Good wine has its own aura. From the moment of the opening it fills you with aromas, invoking sunny hills, history, destinies. When you share it, it becomes even better. Wine is also far from a one-time pleasure.Make a gift that will astonish for months!

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True luxury during the vacation is not about the furniture and the square meters of the holiday apartment, the rich breakfast and the cocktails, the swimming pools. True luxury during the vacation is to be free to spend our time as we wish. To be where we want to be – for a couple of hours, for a day, for a week. To follow our own internal rhythm. To discover secluded beaches. To dive into the clear water not of swimming pools, but of the whole sea.

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The world population is increasing and so is consumption of meat and fish. This has resulted in increase of farm animals and in depletion of more natural resources in order to produce more animal feed. Nasekomo, a company established in Bulgaria, has an ingenious solution to this problem. Nasekomo has developed an efficient and sustainable system that converts organic food waste into insect biomass, which is in turn made into a protein feed alternative for aquaculture and livestock need of animal feed. Nasekomo co-founder Olga Marcenac tells us more about the benefits of the company's innovation.

Thracia Properties presents the perfect solution to city living close to nature. In the exclusive complex Gorublyane Central you will find five houses with their own gardens and contemporary design.

Sometimes even the most motivated professional needs to withdraw from their immediate tasks and to let themselves to complete relaxation. Uva Nestum Wine & Spaprovides you with everything you need for a wholesome relaxation, recharging and fine living among clean nature and elegant contemporary design.

The Western Rhodope are a place where magnificent nature combines with healing hot mineral springs. Complex Therma Vitaе takes the best of these resources and provides you with an opportunity for a vacation in which relaxation and care for the spirit and the body are a priority.

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An excerpt from Shadow Journey: A Guide to Elizabeth Kostova's Bulgaria and Eastern Europe

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