The power of nature should not be underestimated.

For more than 15 years, restaurant Taj Mahal and its chef Chandra Kandel and his helpers Bishnu Kandel and Kuldeep share their journey through some of the most savoury and spirited Indian culture.

To loose weight, to get in shape, to take care of our skin: thousands of women make New Year resolutions of the kind. Afterwards we completely forget about them, as they require too much time and efforts.

The beneficial qualities of honey and bee honey for the health and the beauty can hardly be overstated. GHoney is a brand dedicated to the idea of bring the energy of the beehive to us in order to make us feel better both from the inside and from the outside.

In the beginning of the New Year we always wish for better things. Augeo Family Estate winery and The View restaurant provide us with those with ease.

The new Coeur de Lion collection sees fresh bracelet creations in all colour themes that add just the right touch of elegance to every look. These include 6-string bracelets with nappa leather and mesh that go perfectly with the new colours of the GEOCUBE® models.

The elegance of the experience has long turned the five-star Park Hotel Pirin into a preferred place for a vacation for connoisseurs of luxury and quality. In 2018, the hotel received yet another recognition. On a ceremony during the fourth issue of the Balkan Awards for Tourism Industry, Pirin was declared The Best Wellness Hotel on the Balkans.

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"Give me the Interior Ministry for 24 hours and then there will be no street protests at all." Valeri Simeonov, leader of the National Front for Salvation for Bulgaria

What happens when refined style meets interior innovation? The best place for you to find out is in at the new luxury kitchen and bathroom showroom, opened recently by Esteta Interiori. In this breath-taking space you will discover the latest suggestions by selected kitchen and bathroom manufacturers, as well as a stylish assortment of tiles, flooring and accessories. 

Dominique Velociter was born and raised in France, where she began her career as a teacher. In her late twenties she moved to the United States to start a family with her American husband. While raising her three daughters she founded and fully developed a successful K-8 bilingual school in Providence, Rhode Island. Later on, she shared her experience and expertise to develop and turn around schools in New York City, California and Sofia. Dominique Velociter is a transformational leader who strongly believes that learning is a boundless pursuit of knowledge and a rewarding and inspiring adventure. She is the head of the AEA.

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Over 500 representatives of the Bulgarian NGO sector, entrepreneurs and diplomats attended the annual meeting of the America for Bulgaria Foundation with its grantees in Sofia, on 30 January. Everyday...

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The founder of Idea Buildings on the importance of the feel of a place

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