Here is a secret: while Vagabond was in its development stage, it was going to be a magazine solely about Sofia. We changed our minds, eventually, but Bulgaria's capital has remained a permanent fixture on the pages of the magazine.…
Love it or hate it, call it a cliché, but Communism, with its mentality and its ways of organising society and the economy, still defines modern Bulgaria and Vagabond has been investigating this since its first issues. Funnily enough, the…
Routine can be a killjoy, but while churning out day in, day out each of our 100 issues we have rarely felt bored. Besides our regular topics on travel and politics, we produced lengthy, special features and sometimes ruffled some…
Two hundred guests showed up at the launch of Vagabond, on the roof of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre, in October 2006, despite the fact that it took place in the morning...
Whenever there is an anniversary of any kind, there is an outpouring of platitudes. As you know very well in the course of the past eight years, this journal has always avoided sweet-talk and commonplaces. We have tried, with the…
Mummy of major Sofia hospital's namesake lies in glass coffin in Ukraine
Story of imprisoned American, British pilots during WW2 reveals little-known episode of Bulgarian history
Case study of senior Communist official Elena Lagadinova reveals unexpected aspects of superpower confrontation
First British ambassador to Bulgaria steps in office wrapped up in newspapers
Anyone familiar with the Communist-era signs produced to instruct Bulgarian citizens and villagers to keep their surroundings clean and to tell on anyone caught in the act of not doing so might have thought nothing could surpass their stupidity.
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Prime Minister saves cubs from zoo

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