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Where is this monastery? Where is this monastery? © Anthony Georgieff

Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians? Take our test to doublecheck

1. Which is Bulgaria's largest mountain?
A. The Rhodope
B. The Pirin
C. The Rila

2. What do Bulgarians celebrate on 24 May?
A. Bulgaria's liberation
B. Bulgaria's independence
C. The Bulgarian alphabet

3. Which plant blooms in May?
A. Wild peony
B. Plum
C. Snowdrop

4. What is the traditional food for St George's Day, on 6 May?
A. Carp with walnuts
B. Roast lamb
C. Banitsa

5. Which Bulgarian city was called Stalin?
A. Burgas
B. Varna
C. Veliko Tarnovo

6. Where is the Troyan Monastery?
A. In the Stara Planina
B. West of Sofia
C. On the southern Black Sea coast

7. Which artist of Bulgarian origin is going to build a floating installation in London?
A. Vasko Vasilev
B. Christo
C. Grigor Dimitrov

8. How many Bulgarian canine breeds are there?
A. None
B. Three
C. One

9. To the north Bulgaria borders with…
A. Greece
B. Ukraine
C. Romania

The correct answers to the questions:
1. – A; 2. – C; 3. – A; 4. – B; 5. – B; 6. – A; 7. – B; 8. – B; 9. – C.

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