Unlike most of its neighbours, Bulgaria is not particularly renowned for its islands - for a reason: it has but a handful of them, the largest being less than a square mile in size. Some of those are just rocks…
There are times when even hard-boiled sceptics tired of discovering that much-boasted Bulgarian "tourist gems" are not exactly anything to write home about give up, as their jaws pop open at the sight of a little known yet truly remarkable…
Nestled in the northern hills of the Balkan range midway between Tryavna and Gabrovo this small village used to be a sleepy backwater with just a handful of indigenous residents.
Located in northeastern Bulgaria, in a region called "Ludogorie" – or Mad Forest – this saintly tomb is a part of the Sboryanovo Archaeological Reserve that boasts at least 140 cultural heritage sites.
Following years of incompetent management, neglect and theft, the Bulgarian State Railways system is now in tatters. Many stations have been closed, demolished or just abandoned, and the railways' staff are constantly engaged in industrial action to prevent more closures…
By now you are probably feeling inundated by all the monstrous Soviet Army monuments, the statues of "heroic" partizani and the other Socialist Realism constructions that dot the countryside from Vidin to Varna and from Silistra to Simitli. In fact,…
This mosque, known as Bayrakli Mosque, is one of dozens of surviving Ottoman structures in Bulgaria – a heritage landmark in the centre of a small town not far from Sofia.
The ancient fort crowned with a rock-hewn tomb near Momchilgrad, in the eastern Rhodope, has been overshadowed by nearby Perperikon, which is significantly larger.
Under Communism, this was a "closed" town and access to it was prohibited as it was perilously close to the border with capitalist Greece.
The Bulgarian National Anthem, Mila rodino, or Dear Fatherland, speaks of Bulgaria as an "Elysium on earth." But toponyms in this country referring to paradise are few and far between. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find any.
Possibly the most infamous star in Bulgaria's history used to adorn the spire of the former Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party widely referred to as "The Party House."
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