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WHERE IN BULGARIA ARE YOU? © Anthony Georgieff

Dolmens are not a Bulgarian speciality as they can be seen in many other places in Europe from Turkey and Greece all the way to Ireland. But what makes the ones found in today's Bulgaria intriguing is that they are little explored and often in remote locations.

Getting there is part of the adventure. Known in local lore as "dragons' houses," these pre-historic tombs dot the southeastern areas of this country, especially the Strandzha and the Sakar, and are usually associated with the Thracians – a collection of tribes that made fantastic jewellery and unlike the ancient Greeks, drank their wine undiluted, but that had no written language, providing plenty of fodder for the imagination of future historians.

The best known and perhaps the most spectacular dolmen in Bulgaria is not far from Yambol.

Where in Bulgaria are you?

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Where in Bulgaria are you?Inna Yaneva guessed correctly Plovdiv as the answer of the issue 131-32 Where in Bulgaria are you? quiz. She wins a copy of our book Hidden Treasures of Bulgaria. Inna lives in Sofia and works for Shared Service Center. A relatively new reader of Vagabond, she enjoys the articles that "give me information about unpopular and abandoned places in Bulgaria, as well as old photos of familiar places." Her list of three places in the country to recommend to foreigners to visit or experience begins with Plovdiv, as "it's an unique mix of different eras and cultures." Second are the Bulgarian mountains, "maybe a hike to the Stara Planina's highest peak, Botev and visiting Bulgaria's highest waterfall; or camping in the Rhodope mountains and experiencing the calm, solitude and the Milky Way." Last but not least, Inna recommends going to some of Bulgaria's new festivals: "Wake Up Fest, Beglika Fest, Vazduharia or whatever festival is occurring during the visit."

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